Bedroom High Club

Bedroom high club

Confidence is a state of mind, this hard grafting four piece has it in abundance and it’s seeping out of their veins. 

Sitting back and creating a craft that is drenched in self promotion, faith and belief is the imperative reason why Bedroom High Club are one of the most sought after collectives to emerge from South Yorkshire.

Another tale of why the DIY mantra is seemingly the most creative and fulfilling route to develop when building something that you believe in without wavering to the commercial pressure of being squeezed into a box of the soul destroying, copycat jacket wearing yes crowd that is now second nature to the sadly ever increasing vision of young talent. If you like the idea of a stance against that, then this is the band for you.

Solely driven by an amalgamation of a solid, loyal fan base and conviction, Bedroom High Club are doing what they want and exactly how they want in terms of the vision and output they want to portray.

The band formed in early 2017, armed with an already well formed sense of arrogance and style. Quickly being recognised as one of the leading front runners to resurrect a dormant scene in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. When this kind of buzz for a band has developed in the past, the majority of acts have taken anything that is put in front of them in regards to exposure and shows to elevate their popularity, they didn’t and it has paid off massively. 

The band went with their own flow and for some it was seen as over confident but they gained a lot of respect in the grassroots music scene in how they handled themselves. Notching up shows representing English Rain, This Feeling and Futuresound, gracing live music ethos spots such as Cafe Totem, Record Junkee, The Wardrobe and not to mention Sheffield’s stalwart venue in The Leadmill which ultimately has become their home turf, even being chosen by the venue to contribute to the release of the limited edition sold out vinyl record ‘forty’ celebrating 40 years of The Leadmill’s existence in music culture.

Bedroom high club

Picking up support slots with Fuzzy Sun, Life Aquatic Band, Jabbawoki, Mint, Peach Pit and Boyzooga and then following on with invitations to play Y Not Festival and Tramlines. If you were to create a workshop in how to self promote your DIY ‘bedroom’ band then these lot would be guest speakers.

Come forward to 2021 and they still have the same laid back yet driven focus of where they should be, selling out shows at The Leadmill and playing at this year’s Tramlines Festival in Hillsborough, Sheffield. 

Counterfeit Mag caught up with them in their DIY garage space located at the back end of Barnsley, where Eastern European’s regularly pop by to pitch their own ideas to the band, watched on by a menacing looking squirrel dressed in a leather jacket, armed with a Stanley knife and a rolled up RAW perched between its paw. It’s a true unique creative space and you can feel an air of something special lingering as soon as you enter.


On the back of another storming set at tramlines, how did you find the experience? 

“It was refreshing, finally getting back to playing after the delay in live music was very special for us. We also caught a few other acts on the day as we split up and caught Sophie Ellis Bexter and The Streets who were both class. The day after we headed to the ‘fringe’ where you always find that hidden gem and it’s a much more grassroots experience, we played at Cafe Totem a few years back for This Feeling which we’ll always have great memories of.”


What’s your reasonings behind only playing a select few shows a year?

“When we first started out we were grafting gigs so much, playing lots of shows and it got to a point where it stagnated. Especially looking at playing free shows one weekend and then an entry gig the next, it just didn’t seem plausible for the audience to keep coming to the shows because eventually you’ll max yourself out on the uniqueness of what we wanted to portray. We feel now with our self promoted style and the fan base we’ve built up, we can confidently be more selective when we play and make it special for the audience.”

Bedroom high club
Bedroom high club

With sell out shows and a very loyal fan base, have you had any outside agencies come in and want to be involved in where you can go next with the output?

“We’re putting ourselves in a position now where we don’t want to sign ourselves off to anyone, we’re always striving to do things independently for as long as possible. You’ve just got to wait for the right thing to come up, we’re waiting patiently as we feel you only get one chance at something like that so we want to make sure it’s the right thing for us ultimately.”


What kind of musical influences do you have as a collective? 

“To be honest it’s just an eclectic mix of genres, there was a huge Latin phase at one point but then switched to motown, our playlists have such a varied style which helps to create new ideas and sounds. Being musicians, we really enjoy any music that’s really well produced and thought out. Bizarrely there’s one song that we all absolutely love, it’s called Stolen Petrol, by an unknown band called Everlasting Arm, who we saw play in Doncaster years ago, I think they have a few hundred plays on soundcloud and we must contribute to 80% of that.”


Do you tie yourself in with any particular genre?

“The way that we write our music is all about inspiring each other, we all have different ideas and we just come down to jam basically, all adding new ideas into it so we never get locked in to creating a specific genre, we just create music and if someone else wants to label that then fine but we’re just about creating what flows.”

Bedroom high club
Bedroom high club

What’s next for Bedroom High Club?

“We’re in the process of finishing some new tunes which are completely different to what we’ve done in the past. We’re heading to Wales very shortly to record some of these which we’re buzzing about. We’ve got a few shows upcoming but can’t officially announce them yet but keep an eye out on our socials for those very shortly.”

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