Whilst they embark on a few live dates and with the release of their “The Legend of Banjo Billy” EP we posed a few questions to FLING.

Q. How did you all meet?
We met in a space capsule in the centre of Bradford

Q. Where does the name come form?
It’s a word that means a short burst of excitement

Q. How would you describe your sound? Especially on the current EP
Plinky plonk donkle dink cracka bang bang, bit of old pop music, put it on the old grammar phone!


He plays the banjo like you wish you could.

Q. For anyone heading to Live @ Leeds, where and when can they find you? and what can they expect from your live show?
Leeds Beckett 1, 17:00, expect all of the above!

Q. Who is Banjo Billy? and what makes him legendary?
He’s got arms, legs, fingers and toes, eyes, ears, a mouth an a nose. He plays the banjo like you wish you could.

Q. What are you future plans? and is there anything else you want to plug?
Play some music, write some music, release some music, play some music outside, play some music inside. Listen to our music! Next Tuesday, Glasgow Hug an Pint, next Wednesday, Manchester The Castle.

Q. If possible, I would like each one of you to tell me a story or interesting fact about another member of the group?
Charlie, likes to get an naked and lose his phone. Sam, drinks from the fountain of youth. Jake, bleaching his hair, 20th of April, watch out. Billy, crowd funding hair transplant, donate here. Jack, “anybody seen my tooth?”

Catch them on tour and live over the coming weeks:

24th April: Hug and Pint, Glasgow
25th April: The Castle, Manchester
5th May: Live At Leeds, Leeds
6th May: Handmade Festival, Leicester
8th May: The Social, London with Huw Stephens Presents…

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