Red Rum Club: Cavern club, Liverpool


When you’re fresh from playing your biggest ever show in your hometown, sold out to thousands of people, what do you do? For Red Rum Club the answer was to play a gig in the most famous club on earth. In association with We Make Events and sponsors Ladbrokes, the Liverpool six-piece had the chance to close off a heavy month of touring (23 shows in about 26 days) with a trip back in time.

Opening up the show was Whitehaven band Springfield. Definitely a band who seem to enjoy being on stage, they were able to show off the variety in their sound and drop a few crowd pleasing covers from Tame Impala and, obviously, The Beatles. Cheered on by a good following from The Lake District, Springfield definitely picked up a few new fans too with their hip-shaking, funky indie, coupled with an affable, approachable air both on and off stage.

There are two things that can happen at the end of a long tour. The band can look shattered or the band can look so well rehearsed and coordinated that nothing can stop them on stage. It was for certain the latter from Red Rum Club as the band tore through their set with not even a toe misplaced.

Whether it’s the trumpet flourishes from Joe The Blow Corby, or the clever mix of guitar and bass that takes you from the basement to the beach and back, there is something with Red Rum Club that makes their music not just enjoyable but uplifting.

Every song packs a different punch, but it makes your spirits soar. Musically there is a vast difference between their debut album Matador and forthcoming third album How To Steal The World, but as a live beast tracks from all three albums go together perfectly.

This tour is over, but the next tour will be around soon enough, and you’ll just have to make sure you get a ticket for it.